Veterinary Receptionist Jobs

A veterinary receptionist plays an important role in the running and managing of a veterinary clinic. The employee will be required to perform tasks that are both clerical, which will include making appointments, managing payments and addressing customer's concerns; as well as non clerical which could include anything from selling animal medication and pet accessories to assisting the veterinary technicians and physicians. This is a challenging but rewarding position, and is one that is open to many people of different backgrounds. Below is some information on veterinary receptionist jobs.

Veterinary Receptionist Job Outlook

Prior to applying for a new job, it is important to consider the future prospects associated with the position; this is true for both those with or without industry experience. There are two places that provide some solid information on the outlook of a veterinary receptionist, namely the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the American Veterinary Medical Association. These sources clearly state that this occupation has stability and is expected to continue growing. In addition, there is potential for a rise in salary for new entrants as well as those with experience. For those looking to advance, it is possible to become a veterinary technician with additional education.

Wages and Benefits

Veterinary receptionist jobs have varying levels of pay which range anywhere from just above minimum wage to $17 or $18 per hour (Typically $18k- $30k+ per year). Pay is usually based on experience and knowledge, but other factors will often enter into the equation such as the size or type of the veterinary establishment that is employing. For the most part benefits such as the 401k, health insurance, paid holidays, sick leave and pension plans are available but are more widely available for full time employees as well as at clinics owned by the government. Since benefits don't always come standard, remember to enquire for this information during an interview.

Veterinary Receptionist Job Openings

There are a number of mediums in which a veterinary receptionist position may be advertised. The most popular are the local newspaper and online classifieds, while it is also possible to use employment agencies. When searching online, use a powerful search engine to also look for dedicated employment sources such as If there aren't any positions currently available, consider networking with family and friends both offline and online to be on the lookout. Alternatively, use the yellow pages to find out where the veterinary clinics are and visit them personally.

Getting the Job

The key to landing a job as a veterinary receptionist is to be prepared. By having your resume ready for occasions when an opportunity may arise, it will be possible to be the first to apply. The resume itself will need to be specifically written and highlight your best attributes relative to the position. Once an interview has been acquired, it is necessary to think of appropriate questions to ask the interviewer while considering what information they will require in return. When the interview comes round, dress smart, be polite and relax. By preparing in advance, you will have the best chance of impressing the interviewer, just remember to speak clearly and smile.

Veterinary receptions jobs are great for friendly, outgoing people who have good communication skills and are naturally empathetic when pet owners are distressed and overwrought. Sometimes veterinary receptionist jobs are held by students studying to be veterinary technicians as this gives them a chance to work the business they love while furthering their education.