How To Find A Veterinary Receptionist Job

There are times when it is possible to 'fall into' a job quite accidentally, but unfortunately, when it comes to making a living, that can't be left to chance. When discovering how to find a job as a veterinary receptionist, there are tried and tested methods that most often meet with success. From browsing the classifieds in the local newspaper to doing an online job search, there are several ways to go about job hunting.

Step 1: Classified Ads in the Newspaper

Unfortunately, distribution in most newspapers across the country is down as more and more readers go online for their daily news, or watch cable TV. While there are jobs listed in the classifieds, it is becoming much more difficult to locate jobs in this manner. Also, as Americans have become more of a 'mobile' society, it would almost be necessary to read the newspaper from every surrounding city and town trying to see what is available within traveling distance.

Step 2: Try an Online Job Search

One of the most popular ways to find a veterinary receptionist job, or any job for that matter, is to do an online job search. Many sites are dedicated to listing jobs; some require membership while others are open directories. Also, at many of these sites it is possible to upload a resume and actually fill out the application online as well. This type of job hunt is growing in popularity as there isn't a need to leave the comfort of home to fill out a job application for any one of hundreds or thousands of jobs all around the world.

Step 3: How to Find a Veterinary Receptionist Job by Networking

Some pet owners also want to work in the field. Being a veterinary receptionist is just that job for a person who loves animals yet has no formal training to be a handler or a vet tech. Many times it is possible to hear of openings in a local vet's office through friends and family who have a common interest in pets. Putting the word out that you are looking for a job is the simplest form of networking. However, networking online at pet forums and message boards is another way of learning of job openings in your area.

Step 4: State Government Department of Employment

Registering with the state Department of Employment where you live is another potential way to find openings as a veterinary receptionist. If collecting unemployment benefits, it is a requirement to register anyway. Take advantage of the statewide job posting registry to learn how to find a job as a veterinary receptionist. Once registered, many states make the option available to search online while at home. Some locations do make computers available at their offices, but most can now be accessed remotely from any computer, any time of day or night.

Step 5: Employment Agencies

Privately owned employment agencies often have listings for jobs that are not made public because of the benefit of having the agency do the screening for them. In this way the vet isn't inundated with calls and applications from individuals who don't have the proper credentials or experience. In fact, these agencies operate in similar fashion to online job search sites where applicants can look for full-time, part-time and even temporary work, as desired. The basic difference is the need to visit the agency in person to undergo interviews and/or aptitude tests.

Since there are various ways to go about finding a job as a veterinary receptionist, it should be relatively easy to find a position if you are persistent. Have all your credentials and a resume handy so that when a job becomes available, you are ready to submit your application at the drop of a hat. There may be literally hundreds of competitors vying for the same job and as the old saying goes, 'The early bird catches the worm.'